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  • What is this site?

    Secret Mission Maker is a place to create and host player made mission for the Secret Missions mod.

  • Creating new missions

    You can easily create new missions for Secret Missions. Just head to the mission editor to design your own Secret Missions.

  • Hosting missions

    You can host the missions that you have created here in Secret Mission Maker. You can also search for missions created by others.

  • Playing missions

    Playing the missions requires the Secret Missions mod by Dimitrios. You also need to load the missions that you want to play to the mod.

  • Installing the mod

    To install the mod, just extract the ZIP file obtained from the mods official page into your TSW directory.

  • Loading the missions

    After you have installed the mod, you need to copy paste the mission code of the mission you want to play from it's mission page to a file called ActiveMissions.txt inside your Secret Missions mod folder. You can find the mod folder inside your TSW folder at location: <TSW main folder>\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash\SecretMissions.

    Currently, you need to do this individually for every mission you want to play.

  • Starting the mod

    Currently the Secret Missions mod doesn't automatically load when you login. Instead, it needs to be loaded every time. You can do this manually by writing /loadclip SecretMissions.swf in your chat after you have launched the game.

    In order to automatically load the script you can create a file called auto_login inside your scripts folder: <TSW main folder>\scripts. Add the line /loadclip SecretMissions.swf into the file auto_login.

  • Unloading the mod

    In case you want to unload the mod, you can do so by writing /unloadclip SecretMissions.swf in your chat.